From prototypes to roll-to-roll fabrication of microfluidic components

MedPhab has capabilities to micro- and nanostructure most polymer materials to form microfluidic components. The process capabilities include injection molding, UV- and thermal replication together with the laser processing. MedPhab can produce microfluidic devices at prototype volumes enabling rather modest investment costs. The other extreme is high-volume roll-to-roll fabrication that can be used to produce hundreds of thousands of devices at low unit cost. It has been recognized that lack of functional integration and high manufacturing costs have been identified as major challenges in introducing microfluidic devices to the price sensitive in-vitro diagnostic markets.

To address this issue, MedPhab has developed unique microfluidic integration technologies comprising various lamination processes to seal fluidic channels and to make multi-layer devices. We have also capabilities to functionalize channels with bio reagents needed for example in most assay platforms. Optical functionalities, such as micro lenses or gratings, can be directly fabricated on the same material with microfluidics. Alternatively, photonics chips can be fabricated separately and using automated or semi-automated assembly lines, the microfluidic and optical functionalities can be hybrid-integrated.

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