Lab-on-Foil Microfluidics – Joanneum Research Materials

MedPhab enables the development and demonstration of highly capable roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing procedures for lab-on-foil microfluidic structures/chips.

Microfluidic channel structures (semi-product) manufactured on flexible foil substrate by continuous R2R imprinting into a UV-curable resin. For further processing.

R2R UV (nano-)imprint lithography / R2R bio-functionalization / UV-assisted R2R lamination

R2R-imprinted Lab-on-Foil Microfluidics has the Channel Depth up to ~125μm, Minimum Feature Size (microfluidics) ~200μm, and Imprint Velocity up to 5 m/s.

Microfluidics channels on foil substrate obtained by R2R imprinting:

Integrated Lab-on-Foil Microfluidic Disposable, integrated Lab-on-Foil microfluidics manufactured using continuous R2R processes. It is Bio-functionalized & fully integrated, Channel Depth up to ~125μm, Minimum Feature Size (microfluidics): ~200μm and 2-layer 3D structures accessible following “Origami”-concept.

Fully integrated Lab-on-Foil disposable (coloured liquid for visualization)