Development Support

The challenge that we are addressing in MedPhab is the complex nature of the different technologies and types of organizations needed to advance medical photonic products and applications. To help the legal manufacturer to navigate this spectrum, the approach of MedPhab is to have a single entry point to cover whole development chain including the following services.

As for simulation and analysis MedPhab provide input to design support:

Optical/ Elements simulations

Thermal simulations

Mechanical Simulations

Microfluidic simulations

As for system design/ architecture design we can provide:

Functional design/ interface design

PCB design/ Module design

Microfluidics/ Mechanical design

Free-space optics (systems)

PICs/ optical elements

As for characterization testing/ services Medphab brings in:

Analyse, measure, characterise (e.g.) microfluidics

Optical, electronic, mechanics

Realization & prototyping, new product introduction

Supply chain management & sourcing

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