MedPhab Partners

Cofounding Partners

Both industrial and research partners are working together. The founding members are as followed:
* Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT
* Tyndall National Institute Ireland
* Philips MEMS and Micro Devices
* CSEM Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique Switcherland
* Jabil Inc., Austria
* Joanneum Research Austria

Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT

VTT is one of Europe’s leading research institutions. We are owned by the Finnish state. We advance the utilisation and commercialisation of research and technology in commerce and society.

Tyndall National Institute

Tyndall National Institute is a leading European deep-tech research centre in integrated ICT (Information and Communications Technology) hardware and systems. Specialising in both electronics and photonics – materials, devices, circuits and systems

Jabil Inc.

Jabil is a global manufacturing company with more than 250,000 employees across 100 locations in 30 countries. At Jabil, we strive to make anything possible and everything better.
We combine unmatched breadth and depth of end-market experience, technical and design capabilities, manufacturing know-how, supply chain insights, and global product management expertise to enable success for the world’s leading brands.

Philips MEMS and Micro Devices

At Philips MEMS and Micro Devices we design, develop and manufacture custom microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and assemble micro devices. Our 140 experts working at the MEMS Foundry and Micro Devices Facility follow a phase-gated approach to demonstrate the feasibility and give proof of concept, develop the process to the required maturity level and manufacture your devices with the right quality.

CSEM – Photonics powering future innovations

CSEM is a non-profit-oriented public-private Swiss technology innovation center renowned for developing advanced technologies with profound societal impact. Our mission is to transfer these innovations to industries, strengthening the economy. With extensive expertise in micro and nanoscale optics, photonic integrated circuits, laser sources, optical sensing, and intelligent imaging, we are revolutionizing key sectors such as data centers, quantum technologies or next-generation medical devices.

Our photonics solutions combined with expertise in medical devices and life sciences are having a profound impact on the personalized healthcare, enhancing diagnostics, accelerating digital health and enabling precision medicine. By pushing the boundaries of technology, CSEM is paving the way for a brighter future, where the power of light drives extraordinary advancements.