Fiber Optics

Research and Industrial fabrication from design to manufacturing

Optical fiber are widely in medical devices as they are thin, lightweight, robust and compatible with human body. Typically fiber based system comprises optoelectronic unit containing light sources and detectors, optical fiber transmitting light and a probe at the end of the fiber. With a key techological benefit, optical different types of probes can integrated with the fiber head to illuminate the biological object and collect spectroscopic signal or image from a tissue. Depending on the application, the fibers can be disposable or multiuse when they can be sterilized using the standard medical sterilization methods like autoclave.

Medphab can provide services both at research and industrial fabrication phases on the design of new concepts with multiple photonics, mechanical and electronic design together with design reviews and design for manufacture. The actual fabrication of optical fiber systems covers the handling of actual fibers with customized facet treatments and integration of fibers in the sensor heads with miniaturized light steering elements like mircolenses and mirrors. In the optoelectronics side MedPhab can provide services for the fiber assembly in the illumination modules with LED or laser light sources. In sensor individual optical fibers or fiber arrays are hybrid integrated with photodiodes or camera elements. The fiber optics offering is closely affiliated with MedPhab capabilities on Advanced Packaging. In the post-processing phases fiber modules can be e.g. hermetically sealed depending on the customer needs.

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