Integrated Optics

From design to packaging Silicon Photonics chips for Medical Device solutions

Integrated optical circuit is a microchip that can contain hundreds of components typically on a semiconductor substrate. This technology enables miniaturised footprint to steer the light and to manipulate its propagation properties. In medical device applications, integrated optical circuits can provide the optimal solution when high integration level with limited space is needed. The technology can be used as light combiners in light sources by collecting light from multiple lasers or LEDs into a single waveguide. In in-vitro diagnostics

MedPhab can do the design for Silicon photonic chips according to your requirements. Alternatively, you can do your own design using our process design kits. MedPhab packaging services for the fabricated integrated chips including fiber coupling and hermetic sealing or hybrid integration of III-V optoelectronics. As unique offering, MedPhab can activate chemically Si chips for immobilization of antibodies or DNAs to be applied in in-vitro diagnostics.